Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sept 3rd-5th Mark your calendars

So, every year for the past 5 years I have been goin to the vintage flat track races in Davenport, Iowa. Its always a blast. I know a couple of us are planning on making the trip on Thursday sept 3rd and probalby staying till Sat or Sunday. They have a huge, and I mean HUGE swapmeet as well. Alot of shit is really old (pre-flathead) and most of it I have never seen before. Most people usually camp at the fairgrounds. I have never stayed at the races so I will have to get some info on it. I am pretty sure its cool for anyone though.

I usually sit in the stands but you can pay an extra $5 or so, bring a cooler with beer, and hang out in the middle of the track.

Somethings really nostalgic about getting drunk, hanging on the fence and watching a pre-1930's era harley blasting around a dirt track shooting dust in your eyes and mouth. The smell is something that I will never forget. Its truely an experience I suggest to everyone. To experience it with some good friends that are as addicted to motorcycles who really "get it" would be on a whole nother level.

Its about 3 hours west of scenic Chicago. Leaving the towering building in decay, I will free myself from this wretched wasteland FTF FTW!!!!!!!!!!

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