Monday, July 13, 2009

Violation Tour 2010

So, I went up to Sauk City WI (30 miles west of Madison) this weekend. Me and my Ladyfriend camped along the mighty Wisconsin River on a piece of land that includes 300 acres that this little old lady owns. She rents canoes on the weekends and is cool with us camping on her property as long as we clean up after ourselves. I was day dreaming while doing some fishing and thought what a cool place for next years Violation Tour. I dont know much about the nightlife in Sauk City, Maybe Darryl or Bob can charm in on this....but, the land and the roads seem to invite the idea at least. The downtown area has maybe 3 or 4 little bars. Theres also a Bar about 1 mile from the campsite. Theres a nude beach across from where we camped so I am sure Bob will be all about that. Lots of good fishing, you can rent canoes, or just get completely shitfaced. I did a little bit on driving on the back roads and most of the area seems nice.. To me its about the ride,the smooth roads, the friendships, and of course last.....a 12'er of Blatz.

You pretty much pull off of 60 onto some backroad which turns into a gravel road, which turns into a sand road. I can imagine the disasters already happening. But, the whole river could be ours for the taking. Firepits, kegs, and a whole lot of stories. Tell me what you guys think. It could be cool? Savanna would be cool again too. Of course, I would have to convince this nice little lady to let a handfull of harmless scumfucks camp on her land....shouldnt be too hard.

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