Monday, July 20, 2009

When you go to a party...........

on a Friday night. Expecting to relax, drink some beer, after a 10 hour workday on the roof, with no sleep sitting in Chicago traffic all day.....the last thing to want to deal with is your X gettin pissed cause your not showin her any attention, her drunking cunt hole friends starting drama, your family cussin each other out and all the other Jerry Springer shit that happened.........The only cure is taking your 8 beer buzz on the desolate highway home with one of your best buddies. It may be a short cruise but one that may cure many ailments. Side by side goin down the highway in that short time was enough to clear my head, make me smile, and fall gently to sleep like a little baby when I hit the sack with no other worries except the next days ride. Damn, life is grand!

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