Monday, February 2, 2009

What the fuck is this all about?????

Heres the scoop....The West has (Had R.I.P) the EDR, the East has the Gypsy Run

The Midwest needs some chopper love.

What: Violation Tour
Date: June 26th to 28th 2009
Start. Somewhere around Chicago ( to be announced)
End: Savanna, IL

No trailers, No Chase trucks No Baggers! & No Fucktards!..!..!..!..!..!..!!!!!

Savanna IL is a small little town which is completely biker friendly.Theres a little downtown area thats pretty cool but, more importantly, theres great roads to cruise on in the area.This will be loosely a underground type deal that will stray away from stock bikes and billet barges. It will be mostly spread by word of mouth. Before. If you have a modified stock bike done in good taste and think its worthy please email me at I have only seen 1 softail so far that would be more than welcomed. Hope this is clear enough. Anyone can ride a comfy bagger with a windshield, radio, heated grips and camp.
Its more of a challenge on a hardtail.

We are expecting these types of bikes to be present:Tastefully done Choppers, Bobbers, Panheads, Shovels, Ironheads, Rats, Cafes, Brits, Jap Crappers, all vintage iron and dirty jockey shifters.

I know theres alot of guys around Chicago who ride so, drop the excuse of being to far, cant get vacation time, my wife has my balls in a jar etc etc.

The Dirty Details: This will be a weekend type deal. We will be leaving from the Chicagoland area on Friday morning. If you live around the area you are more than welcome to ride responsibly with us or, go your own route.

Friday: once we get into town, we will set up camp, maybe hit the town or ride 60 miles west to the Vintage Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa Iowa. This will be about a 3 hour ride west from Chicago to Savanna IL and about another hour west to Anamosa.Those of you who would rather leave Saturday morning for some reason would be ok as well.

Saturdays Plans: Loose plans as of now: 150 mile-200 mile scenic ride. This will not be an escorted ride. Everyone will be given a set of directions and a map. Every man for himself type of deal.

Sat night: Party/Bonfires/Terrorize the locals etc etc

Were the fuck are we staying? We have a good idea of where we would like to camp. Its behind a "biker" bar and its free. They have (2) 24 hour bathrooms/showers. I am sure it wont be a problem I just want to confirm it with the owners first. If not, we do have other options.

Camping is on a first come first serve basis.Whenever I have been there I have never seen more than 15 tents but, ya never know.
They serve Breakfeast, lunch, and Dinner, and its pretty affordable. They also have a small parts store although, I heard they got rid of their service department

Sunday: Depart and head home

So, thats pretty much it for now.Everyone is responsible for their own bike and actions. We dont need any tough guy attitudes either. Take care of your own shit.
We dont need any fuckheads who will be doing burnouts through the campgrounds or drunks riding around our bikes. I think you get the idea. We would like to continue this yearly depending on how things turn out. Stay in touch and look for updates!!!!