Sunday, September 30, 2012

Zombie Vs. Deer Raffle

Today is the last day to enter. Steffan over at Zombie Performance got into 2 accidents recently and is having a raffle to help out with medical bills. You have a chance to win handlebars, risers, tank, taillights, pegs and more. Try to help him out if you can. Go here for details.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

BLACK SEPTEMBER record release show

This Saturday is Black September's record release show in Chicago with Abysme (PA), Coffinworm (IN) and Terminate (IL) at Ultra Lounge in Chicago. Tracks from all bands are included below. Not for the weak.

Abysme (us) - Scribbled In Dust


Friday, September 14, 2012

Harvest Run Oct 20th Utica IL

Me and a couple friends where talkin about trying to get in at least one more run/overnight/camping deal before the end of the season. Some dude on Chopcult is organizing a little run called the "Harvest Run" which sounds like the perfect excuse to get away from your ole lady and pound some beers with liked minded individuals.

Heres the link. See ya there as long as its not snowing by then!!

Still for sale

Spread the word. My bike needs to be freshened up this winter and I need the cashola.

1964 C10 Fleetside Longbed
283 V-8
2 speed powerglide

Solid truck
runs good. Will get on the hwy and do 75-80 all day long.
THIS IS NOT A SHOW TRUCK. I dont think I would call it a "rat rod" either. Its just a nice daily driver.

$3500 firm
Heres my Craigslist add

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My first "real" bike

10 years ago when I was 23 I bought this turd of a bike. 1967 Triumph Tr6. Suzuki Savage front end, 6" over weld on hardtail, custom right side tank shift. What a wrong first bike it was. Not the type of bike you can ride all day and try to head out of town on. Anyways, some joker bought it from me on Ebay and decided to let it sit in his office as a show piece. He sold it about a year later for 3k more than he bought it for...bastard! Anyhow, came across these pics and thought I would share.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Last picture before heading home

Thanks to my friend Darci for taking this picture. Last picture in Milwaukee before heading home.

1,000 miles around Lake Michigan

Me and my Dad decided to head out for a small trip around Lake Michigan from Chicago this past weekend. We took our time and spaced it out over a couple days. No crazy party stories about one armed hookers giving reach arounds to your cousin. We just focused on putting down solid miles everyday, sleeping in a motel (which was a nice change from passing out in the dirt), and eating good food that I probalby wont be able to eat for a long time. These are the following pictures. We have been wanting to do this ride since I saw it in a cycle mag 10 years ago. Its no secret, its suppose to be one of the top 10 motorcycle rides in the USA. We left Chicago, stayed in Western MI, the UP, WI and made a pit stop in Milwaukee to show my Dad the museum and grab lunch with a friend. All in all, it was pretty much 1,000 trouble free miles for both bikes. I broke an exhaust bracket in MI but I was smart enough to pack an extra and use some "curb style" fabrications skills to make it work. Not bad for an old worn out Evo that needs a top end.