Friday, July 31, 2009

Real Dicks.......

I'd recognize those bikes anywhere the guys that ride them are real big dicks.Swiped these from another dude that was at the hard tail party...good times....

Ben Grillo.....

I really dig this guys tattoos.I really like that east L.A prison tattoo shit,I find this guys Black and grey or black and white tattoos awesome,not even that it's small and detailed ,just that it's fucking sweet ass shit....
I'm a goddamn American Man but,my heritage is pretty much European mutt,Largly German and Irish but you name it and i'm probably part of it...Well,the irish part of my family dragged me to horse racing every summer so,I got this thing for horses...these things are all muscle,smart as hell and usually wind up on some Japs dinner plate...poor bastards..anyway,I want ben grillo to fucking tac my hands with the heads of race horses..even though a good buddy advised against making the mistake that would brand me with the name of,''the ever lasting job stopper.'''AMERICA,FUCK YEAHHHH"

Man, this dude nailed it with his sporty. Fuckin bad to the boner. Show some love and check out his blog.

Couple pics......

This bar is located about 40 minutes from my house. Its owned by some old 80 year old German dude who makes these killer little German sandwich's everyday for free along with a bucket of hard boiled eggs..I heard he is quite the ladies man as well. The bartender told me how he was suckin on some broads fingers before we got there. He lives upstairs and gets hammered at his own bar everyday. What a rocker.

Every time I go here I get way to drunk. I wish all bars where like this...No bullshit, all booze and good times. I cant remember the last time I was at a bar which didn't have a downloadable juke box. Unfortunately its for sale and I am sure some yuppie will buy it, tear it down, and build some upscale suit and tie steakhouse. What the fuck is wrong with this world. If I had the money I would buy it, and preserve this shit hole till the day I die

Here are some of my pics from the Hardtail Party....I know....It was weeks ago. Here are some of my favorites

This dude was pulling wheelies down the street on his 70's style chop. It was quite the sight.


It is with great regret that I have to inform everyone that the friday 08/07/09 festivities occuring in Kenosha, Wi have been cancelled. I am still going to Rockerbox on saturday though. I have to work till midnight on friday, so if anybody is coming this way and needs a place to crash let me know. Otherwise, saturday morning I got a group going to Rockerbox from K-town. Were gonna take a sweet lakeside route up there filled with hookers, booze and crack cocaine.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

whos da masta????!!!

they're sayin only one nice day for the weekend and its be ready sho nuff!!!

Every year..............

For the past 3 years in the fall, I have made my way to Tucson ,Arizona for The All Souls Procession.It's kind of supposed to be a Dia de los muertos celebration and i guess it is for the most part but,there are plenty of goddamn hippies that make it all bohemian,burning man and bitch about the war and shit...
I got a hard-on for Arizona,I don't know what it is but,it does the same thing for me that riding does....clears my head,humbles me a bit and then I come home to Chicago and all the shit hit's me again....I usually go alone,took a whore girlfriend one time but,i''ll never share Arizona with a chick's too special and close to my heart....Taking trips by yourself are a great learn a lot about yourself and what you want or can do...I got to get my bike out here for a week or two...........

I've come for your daughter,Chuck...........

Lock up your ol' ladies,mothers, sisters,town whores,strippers,Girls 18 and older...I got spring fever real bad......and it's fucking august.Every smell,exposed panty line and painted on jeans sends me into a feeding frenzy..Saw a pair of blue leopard print undies on a hot ass and thought I was going to start rippen off fucking heads.I can't even walk past the womens underwear at walmart when I go for my weekly prison shoe out!I'm lowering my standards and going on a Violation tour by myself.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An idea............

Would anyone be up for a road trip before it gets too cold,maybe in the fall?I figure,Murder city devils is the 9th of October and Hunnert is the 10th,any time after that but before the 31st.....My Folks live in Vegas got friends in Tucson and San Diego...Isreal lives in Phoenix,maybe we could camp in his yard.....We could try to do this as cheap as we can....I would love to check out Austin....There is a guy named Ben Grillo in San diego who i really want to get my hands tattooed by....I'm sure we could rent a van of some sort and the more guys the cheaper....It would kind of be like we are in a band but don't play gigs every night but we could still get drunk and have unprotected sex with groupies in small towns..........who's down for maybe a week,week and a half.......?????

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i like this bike I think i've posted it before............titties,Oink oink piggy piggy

walks with a limp

my bud cracker sent this to me, its a crappy cell pic but i still cringed.....poor bastard stepped on a gardening thingy while playin with his lil bambinos


id say its pretty good cept i dont have anything to compare it to, its from the only sushi joint within an hour from me.....i wish there were more places like this around so i could a food whore. i guess thats one of the downsides of lil city livin

Monday, July 27, 2009


Little hooker trash...yummy


First of all,I like this makes me gitty.....

Second,I got way to drunk this weekend and stumbled upon Chris in a German bar with John,what are the chances....?

third,I stretched out Chris's Ray ban glasses while contemplating eating forbidden fruit.....

Can't wait for the weekend to do it again.....fuck,it's August....congrats to scott for getting his beast done....anal

Why is it......................?

I know two great guys with two real pretty bikes,bikes that even if they had been the type of bikes I like,I still couldn't afford one.
I swear to god these bikes are fucking pussy magnets,young ,old ,ugly, hot they attract it all...Now,I think we all got nice bikes,bikes that would catch my eye before anything else...for fucks sake Jazi's got a purple bike,that's got to get the attention of something besides a black cat......The time is upon us,Violation tour re-deux.....

Thats right..............

I think the man was on to something.......

: I'm forty-seven. Forty-seven years old. You know how I stayed alive this long? All these years? Fear. The spectacle of fearsome acts. Somebody steals from me, I cut off his hands. He offends me, I cut out his tongue. He rises against me, I cut off his head, stick it on a pike, raise it high up so all on the streets can see. That's what preserves the order of things. Fear.

Next Year? Maybe?

The Myspace looks pretty cool, I dont know if its chicks or guys in drag? Either way I'm kinda curious. Looks sassy!

I'm Back

I'm back from Pensacola. Did I see naked breasts? Yes, Did I take pictures of them? No. So instead here are some pics of dolphins from one of our fishing trips. They are fucking everywhere! Everywhere you go they follow you waiting for you to catch something and they try and steal it. It's a fucking trip. And I as well came home with crabs. VIOLATE!

r and r

finally got to do a tiny bit of fishin this weekend, althought it was only for a minute, it reminded me how lucky i was to be where im at. we were at my buddys cabin along the muddy rock river and the nite was perfect, we drank a bunch of coors, ate like gluttons, fished a lil, laughed our asses off then played tecmo bowl on nintendo til the wee hours. good times, good friends



Rockerbox...2 weeks away. Davenport 1 month away...

So, I got a memo about 2 weeks ago and the week after I move, my company is moving and everyone is required to come in for the weekend.....otherwise face unemployment. Of course, its the weekend of Rockerbox and I like having a job during this shitty, Job wins over Milwaukee.

I will not be attending the actual show but I am planning on heading up to Kenosha that Friday after work to party with Bob-Bob White and go to some shitty Titty bars. If anyone else is planning on being up there that friday give me a call and we will meet up. It really sucks cause I was looking forward to the show. I heard this might be the last year for Rockerbox so if you have the chance to go,,,,go for it.

The plan for the vintage flat track races:
Davenport is also 1 month away. I will be leaving early Friday Sept 4th. Races are in the evening on that friday. I plan on camping at the fairgrounds that night and waking up Saturday morning and heading another 50 miles west to Conesville for the Circle of Pride MC Thunder in the sand bash. Staying sat night (camping of course) and heading back on Sunday afternoon.
These guys have a 1/4 mile dragstrip on private property. I heard pretty much anything goes so it sounds like a good time. $40 gets you into the party.

For info on the Circle of Pride bash go to


Its alive!!!!!!!

So, over this past weekend I had some time to go over to Scotts and work on his KZ440. Everything was pretty easy going. Just did some much needed maintenance which probalby hasnt been done since 1980. Scott was pretty excited to get this thing running, so was I since I have been helping him with it from day one. $50 for the bike plus $800 later (tires, brakes, tank, bars, sprocket, chain, tail light, header wrap etc etc) and the bitch started up. Of course the clutch is fucked. But, that didnt stop us from ramming through the gears. I was push starting scott when he decided to give it full throttle at the end of his driveway and he ended up doing some kind of 180 and him and the bike went down. No one was injured but it was pretty fuckin funny. I wish I would have caught it on video. Scott is pretty much on his own with it from here on out as I am getting ready to move and then I have to fix my bike before Davenport in early Sept. Hopefully the proud Scott and his kz440 can make the trip! Its always fun to get a friend on the road for cheap and in style.

Sunday, July 26, 2009