Monday, July 27, 2009

Its alive!!!!!!!

So, over this past weekend I had some time to go over to Scotts and work on his KZ440. Everything was pretty easy going. Just did some much needed maintenance which probalby hasnt been done since 1980. Scott was pretty excited to get this thing running, so was I since I have been helping him with it from day one. $50 for the bike plus $800 later (tires, brakes, tank, bars, sprocket, chain, tail light, header wrap etc etc) and the bitch started up. Of course the clutch is fucked. But, that didnt stop us from ramming through the gears. I was push starting scott when he decided to give it full throttle at the end of his driveway and he ended up doing some kind of 180 and him and the bike went down. No one was injured but it was pretty fuckin funny. I wish I would have caught it on video. Scott is pretty much on his own with it from here on out as I am getting ready to move and then I have to fix my bike before Davenport in early Sept. Hopefully the proud Scott and his kz440 can make the trip! Its always fun to get a friend on the road for cheap and in style.

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  1. I used to ride a kz440. Faster than I'd think a 440 should be. Of course, being stock it didn't look anywhere near as nice as that one :)