Monday, July 13, 2009

The story of 2 panheads........

I was helping Scott last week unload a bike, He bought a KZ440 for $50 that we are goin to chop. Corey calls me and says "You have any money put away for a rainy day?" He goes on to tell me this incredible story. I guess some old ladies, old man passed away leaving a shit ton of bike parts in boxes. Turns out they used to be 2 complete Panheads with Frames (1 hardtail, 1 suspension), with trannys, with an extra brand new 4 speed still in the box and probalby more. He goes on to tell me that his buddy Brian actually saw this with his own 2 eyes but passed on the deal cause he didnt have any room and didnt want to deal with selling all the spare parts. What a fucking retard. Anyways, She wants $1500 for the whole deal, just wants to get rid of em .. I tell him "fuck yes, I can be there tommorrow bla bla blah" He had to call back Brian,,,,of course Brian first heard about this deal 2 weeks prior so I wasnt holdin my breath or anything.

I almost shit myself about the thought though.This is what dreams are made of. Corey called me back a day later and said some dude 2 days earlier went over and gave her $5000 for the both of em. Maybe he felt bad, maybe she got smart, but I still think thats one hell of a deal. You can sell a motor and tranny for $6,000 easy.

Fuck fuck fuck. Man, wouldnt that have been the score of a century.....2 panheads, complete, in pieces for $1500, most likely numbers matching.... Some day I will find a bunch of old cool shit in a barn, in some little ladies house, or at a garage sale.. Damnit!

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