Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poopys !!!

This is behind Poopys pub in Savanna IL
I guess this is what the Violation Tour is all about.
The basics.


Update.So, Heres the deal

June 25th:Thursday night :We are going to be doing a small pre-party at Uncle Paulies Bar located in the burbs of Chicago. North ave(64) and Bloomingdale roads. We will be there from from 8pm-10pm. Nothing big, just drinking some beers and looking at the dancing ladies. No cover to get in. Designated bike parking in front.

June 26th: Friday: For those of you who want to ride out with us we will be re-meeting and leaving from Uncle Paulies at 9am sharp taking North Ave (route 64) 140miles into Savanna (about 3 hours).We will be camping at Poopys pub in Savannah IL. http://poopys.com/

Camping is on a first come, first serve basis. Its free, and they have 2 showers and a bathroom that should be 24 hours. Telling ya now,,,,get there as early as you can. David Allen Coe is playing the bar on Sunday and I have a feeling alot of people will be there for the weekend. Plus, Friday night is Poopys bike night.

For the rest of the day you have some options. You could ride 60 miles west to Anamosa Iowa and go to the National Motorcycle Museum, http://www.nationalmcmuseum.org/Or just hang around town, check out the scenary and relax.Nightlife:

You can stay at Poopys,start a bonfire, or go into the small downtown area and look for trouble. Iron Horse is a cool little barhttp://www.ironhorsesocialclub.com/

Sat:Scenic ride TBA approx 130 miles.

Sun:We need to be out kinda early around 10am because the concert starts at 1pm. If you would like to stay tickets are $20 pre-sale and $30 at the door. You can call Poopys for more info.They are only selling 1,000 tickets......I do not have any ties to this event, just letting you guys know.

We will be heading home north on 84 into Elzabeth and taking route 20 east back towards Chicago approx 160 miles

Of course, you dont have to do everything we're doing. Just show up on your chop, camp out, drink some beers and have a good time.

I Hope enough people show up to make me want to organize one for 2010!We are in the process of making T-shirts and we hope to have a pre-sale on them soon.