Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Violation Tour Starts HERE! All info below...please read.

We will be meeting in Savanna IL on Friday June 15th. Most of us will be there in the afternoon & early evening hours.

Set up camp behind Poopys Bar and Grill (up the gravel road in the back). Camping is free and its first come first serve... I have never really seen it packed before so dont worry.

Heres their website

Poopys Bar & Grill
1030 Viaduct Road
Savanna, IL 61074

Live music starts at 6pm but is probalby some crappy biker rock cover band

Note* this event is not endorsed by Poopys....its just a place to camp.

Some of us will be in the downtown area if not at Poopys Bar and Grill. Check Iron Horse Social Club or the other bars within walking distance in the downtown area.
314 Main st
Savanna IL

Violation Tour-June 16th Sat Morning THE RIDE!!!!!

This is the suggested route. We suggest leaving in small groups or with your riding buddies to keep things safe. No set leave time. Total ride should take about 6-7 hours max & total mileage is around 230 miles. I wll bring copies of the suggested route. Also, the land we are camping on in Mauston is very primitive camping. No Bathrooms, although we will have a makeshift shit pit set up for all of you dirty bastards who have the beer shits.
My cell phone (Chris) 630-461-8836
Pete (In Mauston Camp) 414-380-1417

Also, if you plan on going directly to the Mauston Camp site on Saturday its pretty much at the corner of 82 & Overgaard rd..Head south on Overgaard Rd and you will find it.

PLEASE READ!!!!: Pete who owns the land we are camping at on Sat has spent alot of time and money to get things rolling for us outa pure love for motorcycles and new friends. This is technically a free run, but we will be passing around a donation bucket to try to cover Petes cost for getting his land ready, cutting down poison ivy, treating the land for tics, and buying a porter john etc etc. Just a heads up

Savanna IL – Dubuque IA (approx. 50 miles)
North on 84 through Savanna
Left at Bridge into Iowa
North onto 52 (Right)
Right on 52/61/151 North
Gas up at Conoco
Dubuque IA-Bloomington WI (approx. 50 miles)
North on 52/61/151
Exit 61 Dickeyville (left at stop sign)
Left 133/ Hwy O
Gas stop Bloomington

Bloomington WI- Ferryville (suggested lunch stop. 40 miles)
Continue North on 133
Left onto 18 (18 turns into 18/35)
Wooden Nickel Bar

Ferryville WI-Desoto WI (10 miles. Gas stop)
Continue North on 35. Gas stop at Pronto Gas Station
Desoto WI-Cashton WI (40 miles. Gas stop)
Get on 82 East
Slight left onto 27/82
Left 14/61
Right on 27
Right on 33
Gas stop in Cashton

Cashton WI- Hillsboro WI (through Wildcat State Park Area. 40 miles)
Continue East on 33
Gas stop at Kwik Trip

HillsboroWI – Camp Site (before Mauston WI less than 20 miles)
Continue East on 33
Left on 82/33
Left on 80/82 through Union Center WI
Through Elroy WI
Right onto 82
Right onto Overgaard Rd (small rd)
Up Rd ½ mile

Camping on the left (look for a sign and some bikes)

Directions to Waterfall and swimming area(there is a small parking fee)
Left on 82
Slight left through Elroy
Left onto 33
Into Lavalle WI
Left on 33
Left onV
Left on Douglas
Right into Park Entrace

Saturday, May 26, 2012



3 more weeks until VT

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sleazy Rider

My old short exhaust has been playing havok with my clutch cable that so nicely sits against it. So, time to order up another cable from Barnetts. Was tooling around on Craigslist for a cheap exhaust and scored these fuckers for $80. The dude had em on a softail and said they where so loud he had to put baffles in them..and they where still loud after that.  Anyways, I'm gonna have to cut these down a bit but I am kinda liking them so far.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Let the countdown begin!!!!!!!

Soon enough Violation Tour will be fingerblasting their way to a town near you.
Its excuses time!!!! We know the drill...."we got half way , but then it started to rain".... "my old lady wont let me get outa town for the weekend", " blah blah blah... I dont wanna hear it. Show up or stay home and watch Desperate Housewifes and go to Bed Bath and Beyond or whatever you people do.

Forever Two Wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The dudes over at Lowside put out a super solid motorcycle mag. Choppers, Cafe racers, hot rods, etc. Pick up this months issue to see my bike, or better yet, go get yourself a subscription

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ride to the Super Moon

 After about 1 1/2 years, Scott finally has his Ironhead. Our plan was to head north to the Ben Hur Lodge, get breakfeast, and then head to the Slimey Crud run just west of Madison......that is, until Mother Nature opened her dirty filthy cunty legs

 Pouring rain aint gonna keep these nigga's down. Its bar-o-thirty.
 Heading back south, stopped for a pit stop. Thank the baby Jesus for warm coffee and baileys.
 Choppers for life
 One day, I will have to build a masterbation station like this one in my future back yard. Filled with dirty magazines, fire, and filth.
Home sweet home. The Choppers ran good, the weather could have been better. But, if your with the right people, you make the best outa the situatuon and enjoy life. Thats what its all about!