Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ride to the Super Moon

 After about 1 1/2 years, Scott finally has his Ironhead. Our plan was to head north to the Ben Hur Lodge, get breakfeast, and then head to the Slimey Crud run just west of Madison......that is, until Mother Nature opened her dirty filthy cunty legs

 Pouring rain aint gonna keep these nigga's down. Its bar-o-thirty.
 Heading back south, stopped for a pit stop. Thank the baby Jesus for warm coffee and baileys.
 Choppers for life
 One day, I will have to build a masterbation station like this one in my future back yard. Filled with dirty magazines, fire, and filth.
Home sweet home. The Choppers ran good, the weather could have been better. But, if your with the right people, you make the best outa the situatuon and enjoy life. Thats what its all about!


  1. I got up early this mornin and made coffee ready to head to pine bluff for the crud run.I had spent the previous day workin on my bike in anticipation of the next days ride.By the time I drank my cofee and opened the shop door it was hailing and pissing down like crazy.You guy's are badder assed than me cuz I got the fuck back in bed and was awesome.

  2. Hey Dude, thought about calling ya guys but I knew the weather was gonna be fucked and we weren't gonna make it all the way there. I thought about turning around as soon as I left my house haha. Plus, havent havent had time to really ride too much this year so it was worth the shitty weather.