Friday, July 24, 2009

I miss this place............

So,I guess part of getting older is thinking about the good times from the past. There was this venue here in Chicago called Fireside bowl that had great fucking shows all the time.Anybody who was up and coming or never made it or just played to play played this shithole.
I saw a lot of good shows here from the time I was 13 to like 24,this place had it all.I saw the ghost here right before they split up, Vision of disorder,murder city devils,earth crisis and hatebreed double bill,U.S bombs and Zao,fuck maybe even Thursday .Those are what i can remember,if you where on Victory records you for sure played here.The punk show memories I saw here just kind of bleed together.Anybody who drank here would remember the hammer too.Who could forget a face like that.....Fuck getting old sucks....I gotta get on the bike to forget reality for awhile.

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  1. I remember cockroaches, the bathroom, and seeing some awesome bands when I was a teen. I remember my buddy saying how he saw this awesome 2 peice band called White Stripes....he said there was 20 people there...I hate that band. But, its still kinda cool. I think every band that toured through Chicago played the Fireside. What a great place.