Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fugly kid......

On the way out west on the Violation tour we had rode through a small town just east of our destination.As always I was keeping an eye out for idiots not stoping at stop signs or moms on phones unaware of passing motorcycles.I had seen a busted up buick coming towards our pack on a cross street not really slowing down until the last second and as I rode up closer to the car at the stop sign I saw the damnedest thing I have ever seen.Imagne a kid with face of a forty year old man and the rest of a body like a teenager.When I looked at the kid in the face I saw him look at my bike and mouth the words,''FUCKING SWEET.''While I was reading his lips it had dawned on me that this was the Ugliest fucking kid I have ever seen in my life.I swear to god this kid was fucking wicked,he looked like Murderface from the Metalocalypse cartoon hair and all but,the mustache was a little scrappier.....True story,Fucking ugly kid

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