Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Night!

What a great day! Me, Mikey and the famous T.C. Christianson were heading to Zompton for the Atomic Injectors party. As always with T.C., we have to do a lake drive.
We met up at T.C.'s shop "Sunset Motors" and a buddy of his had this sweet BSA out front.
Some of the stuff at the Atomic Injectors party. I only had my Iphone, I shoulda brought the camera. Lots of cool shit!
Johnny Bravos whip, again I fuckin shoulda brought my camera. Which is really my parents camera. I need to buy a camera. Lots of cool bikes as well. These guys are good friends with Warren's cycles and they were there as well.
Mikey is gonna open a bar in K-town based off this guy, Simon Bar Sinister. The villain from Underdog. Yep.

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