Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday Night!

Went to a benefit for the family of a buddy who died in may. It was at the Moose lodge which is always a good time. This is Jill Plaistead, she's really good and chunky cute. Kinda snobby though.
They all started dancing to some country song then. Some song that my buddy would act a fool when it came on. Thats his wife with her arm up in the air.
Mikey's Triumph and my "Warbird" outside the Moose. Thats one-eyed Schmidty on the bird. We call him that cuz he only has one eye.
I saw this at some paizano bar later that night. Fuckin Elvis!

I decorated Mikey's bike when I left Fec's place. I also pushed it across the street. I'm a fuckin stupid asshole drunk!

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