Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Its been awhile since I posted last....

I just rented a house in the "nice" part of town and everyone knows how moving really fuckin sucks so I have been pretty busy. Plus, Since I dont live in a apartment anymore I dont get to use the free computer service. Soon enough I will be back online looking at hardcore porno

Anyways, I woke up drunk on Monday morning, took my dog outside and started to hear kids Jesus music. The neighbors behind me looked like they where having some sort of party for their kids. I drove past the house on the way to work and I saw a little sign that said "Backyard Jesus Camp" or some shit.....I thought it was really weird. They had a proffesional sound guy blasting this shit and there where kids jumping on the trampoline to it. After I drove past I wondered how long it will be until my landlord kicks me out of the house. I think I will try to enjoy finally having a garage until that happens. Its only been 1 week and I can guarantee all my yuppie neighbors hate me.

I have the only house in the area with a gravel driveway.!! fuck ya.

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