Monday, August 31, 2009

If I was a cat............

i'd i'd have seven lives left.Mailbox and I went to some thing at some bar yesterday that had go go dancers and one of those girls looked just like chasey lane and you could see that pigs string hanging out her
So,me and mailbox had a ''few'' beers..and thats what I told the cop when he snagged us leaving.I think mailbox cracked that jap throttle to hard and it was like blood in the water and 5 cops showed up on our ass'..The cop asked if we where drinking and MB goes,'' yeah I had 2'' and he did the field tests and shit and passed....that fucker was loaded and the cop let him go....So,the cop asked me and I said,''a few''and he wanted a number and i just stuck with,a ''few''.He had me follow his finger with the light and then asked if I would do the test and I said would be better if I didn' he tells me he's backed into a corner and he'll have to arrest this point the last year flashes through my head if I was going to jail I would have wanted to go for beating the life out of a cocksucker and taking his front teeth...but not this....I asked the cop,''hey,I'm a good kid,my folks are retired cops,i got a buddy down the street with truck ,can he come get me and my turd?Sure as shit,he asks me like five times what year my bike was what my parents rank was and all kinds of other questions to catch me in a slur or something....The guy wrote me 3 tickets while we talked to the other cops about bikes and the ss on my tank....the one cop even told me mailbox was fucked up and i just should have done the test...I wasn't falling for it..thetickets are for speeding,improper lane usage and no insurance...but I got it so...When he asked me why I was swearving,I told him i was avoiding pot holes because it hurts my back to hit them on a rigid....So,the leg and adam came and got me with the truck and the cops let mailbox ride think this was a wake up call for sure....the cop knew everything about this was gonna cost me my ass....thank god....

And then...........some mook fuck has a dago flag on his bike....and is wearing an affliction douchebag guy had 4Q etched into his fucking break caliper,i'm pretty sure Max Schaaf had nothing to do with that bike either.I'm surprised he didn't have on the jason jessee or max schaaf vans on.. .I don't claim to ''get it'' with choppers but when dudes look pretty as there ol'ladies and brand new nikes with fresh inked sleaves and riding a chopped bike,then something ain't right with shit.....what makes us diffrent from them?????And why do the douches always have the hot broads.....he built his bike by looking at pictures in magazines and ebay...and spent way too bike is a turd,functions and I ride the fuck out of it because i'm poor and homeless....I don't wear air jordans to ride either...Is this the future of bikers?The guys you see in the new harley tv adds?buy the way,do you think the guy from powerplant lost his street cred when he was in that add?? When did it become cool to get all dressed up with brand name shit to go for a ride,designer flannels hi-top nikes,designer sun glasses.I buy prison shoes for 10 bucks,3 dollar flannels from discount thrift,dickes that are falling apart,I have sex with girls that probably need a real good wash or a lot of vaccinations and there was a time when I lived in my car because of pride and not the queer kind...but my knees are still in the breeze.......sit on my face ladies


  1. What's that on his handlebars? It looks like rolled up carpet. I'm glad your not in the pen. That woulda sucked!

  2. that last paragraph is the shit.

  3. no dui you guys are fuckin rad!!!!!