Monday, August 3, 2009

in my backyard

so i finally took an overdue trip to a special place ive been hearin about for years now. some local greybeards and a buddy of mine named kenny have been telling me about this very well respected shop in tampico,il about 15min away from me called lancasters aermacchi sprint. now i dont know if any of you fellas are into those kinda bikes but i happen to love em. i didnt take pics so if interested you'll have to check the website ( , but they dont really do the place justice either. not only did this guy give us a tour an hour after they closed the shop but he sat us down offered us beers and introduced his family. how many harley shops or even private shops would do that nowadays? this guy was a class act for sure, and his shop ruled! did i mention he had his very own track in the back yard, one wet and one dry track seperated by a 17ft pond....fuck! his name is mr. ron lancaster.

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