Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fucken August 11th

Just when i've started to enjoy summer,I see the calendar and find out it's passed me by.If I break it down Christmas is right around the corner,Next month is Flattrack,the next month after that is Hunnert after that is thanksgiving and then 9 months of winter.
SeƱor Bobby just put a nice sissy bar on my bike ready to tie anything and any her to it and hit the road.I feel like there is so much more to do more shit to do to the bike more riding more getting drunk and taking pictures of myself in the garage.I still ain't made it to see Jazi or some of the other boys.Bob bob white has been the name on everyones lips sice VT09' but, shit it won't be soon enough before we ride with him again.I ain't ready for summer to end'I want to get on a road and keep going till I hit the warm winters of the west coast.

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