Sunday, August 9, 2009


You ever wake up in the morning after a long night and think "What the fuck happened last night?" Yep, thats how I feel today. What a fuckin trip, we got soaked on the way up and then sat in what felt like a steam bath when we got there. But wow was it worth it! So much shit to look at, bikes, bitches, booze. Good times! And then we partied after, holy fuck! I remember the lesbian bar and the fat bitch on the back of Mike's bike but thats about it. Some how I rode all the way home. I still dont know who got laid, whose alive, who got arrested? So many questions for a night of pure VIOLATION!

1 comment:

  1. I'm not buying it....Rockerbox wasn't that cool because me and Chris didn't go.Who are those 2 guys who look like Scott and Mike? Goddamn the man for making me work on a Saturday...I will Violate Iowa next month...I'm beginning to think rain has something to do with the Violation crew getting fat lesbians.....