Sunday, August 16, 2009


I don't think i have slept to noon since I was sixteen.I feel like a lazy asshole.I rode all week this week and the weather was fucking perfect.Today was like the only day I have had to take it easy.Riding a rigid really does kick the shit out of you...
With all the riding i've done this week it's made me realize one thing.....I don't want to stop for the 9 months of winter.When I think of winter,I right away think of one thing.The Arizona sun is like no other,when I step off the plane and outside to feel the warmth on my face,it's a feeling you have to feel for yourself.I'll admit Arizona is a bit slow but,I welcome the change of pace once a year.I've been looking for something different for a while and the feeling gets worse as winter closes in.
This band of Calexico,is from Tucson.Tucson has a city feel but,is still small and slow.The art scene is great,the music doen't compare to Chicagos but,has it's own greatness.I saw this band in a Tucson park last year and the Mariachi band who is also from Tucson played with them.I could spend the rest of my life riding a bicycle around Tucson and just doing what I had to in order to live and keep my motorcycle on the road.I fear that Tucson is changing,I think that it's moving towards a hiptser movement that will change the landscape.The cool buildings will be replace by condos and lofts and young hipster professionals causing prices to skyrocket and the art scene and so on, to fall to the wayside.20 years ago,Wicker park,a neighborhood in Chicago,was full of junkies and winos.Today,you could walk down the street a see designer dogs,2,000 strollers and starbucks.If Tucson gets to that point,I think it would ruin what makes that state awesome.

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