Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Never Drinking Again.....starting next week

Woke up with a little bit of shame this morning, followed with a nice headache and sore back.I'm not too sure of what the hell happened but,i'm pretty sure of one thing,I drank myself stupid last night and killed Nazis.

I might have tried to fight the same sand pit that Jazi did back in june,for there was sand in my mid-controls.I know for a fact that the farther you get out of the City and closer to the Mississippi River,that the girls get,Classier,willing and able.Having had dated trash before, i've found that there ain't nothing to do in small towns except,drink,get naked and have lots of unprotected sex,I think these type of ladies are called ,''sure things'' and thank the lord for that.If V.T 10' doesn't changes course next year,i'm pretty sure that it will be better than this year for the poon is a plentiful.Is it possible to see,too many titts?Is it possiable to make out with a women old enough to be your mother?Is it possible to show your penis to that women expecting her to fall on top of it?Is it possible to be cooler and more attractive once a river rat sees how cool your bike is? Yes,yes,yes and yes.

The weather was great,the beer tasted good and thank god,I woke up from that horrible Twilight Zone dream.The races better be good because i'm sure the ladies won't even compare.Big John is going to sue,''the shit'' out this company for stealing his name.......snatch

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