Monday, August 31, 2009


Gotta get rid of some shit.

5 speed tranny, Delkron cases, Delkron inner primary, primary belt pully, rear belt pully, starter gear, and lower trans mount. No end cover, $450 for the whole kit and kaboodle or send me an offer.

One BAD ASS sissy bar and King Queen seat... 70's are the new flat black.. and this motherfucker is from back then... ive had it for a long time and its just takin up space at my ol' mans place, i didnt get a chance to measure it, but its tall.. seat is dusty but no rips or anything, will clean up real nice, so will the chrome..Look at the side of it... its got a compartment to hide your dope.. You'll get sooo much pussy with this thing..
would like to get $300 for the pair

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