Friday, March 12, 2010

Was gonna wait till the bike was back together but....

what the hell. Our friend Andy did the base coat. Its waste management white with the pearl that he added. It actually looks fuckin really good. I did the goldleaf and the design on inside the panels. kacey (the legs woman) did all the pinstriping. Its gonna go out for clear next week and my bike should be back together before next weekend. Then its on to gettin it over to The Legs house so he can weld the frame. Riding the Buell during the past week or two has been nice,,,,,,,but, I cant wait to get my main bitch back on the road!


  1. Lettering came out awesome. Whole project looks killer. I dig.

  2. Cant wait to get her back on the road! Glad I was able to save the paint from my fuckup. Kacey touched up the black today....looks pretty good!