Monday, March 8, 2010

FOR SALE: Rocks Chops Attack Bars. $50 + shipping

I bought these last summer from Rock and I swear I gave him the idea. He's got a shit load of them for sale on eBay, but I think he calls them something else. They are in perfect working condition. I rattle can painted them last summer, so you could run em as is or paint them up again you fuckin pussy!

These are the new Rocks Chops Class bent T Bars.

These babies are made from 11 gauge steel tubing and are professionally TIG welded by Rocks Chops. The bars are 1 inch DIA. tubing but I can make 7/8ths for the same price.

Height: 8.75"
Span: 21"
Grip Area: 7.25"
Pullback: 2"
Riser Spacing: 3.5"

Comes with all required grade 8 mounting hardware.

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