Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Eats

Gene and Jude's in River Grove. Fuck your SuperFlukyPinkTommyJohnnyFrankie Dawgs. Next to the now McD's, but used to be famous Thirsty Whale.

And The Twisted Spoke:
Downtown, great bloody marys, Whiskey Wednesdays and every Sat. night....Smut and Eggs.

Days are getting longer, warm air is moving in. Weather's been a prick tease lately. From the look of these blog posts (here and others) everyone's almost ready. Set yer clocks tonight. Official first day of spring is coming...Sat. March 20th. Smell that? Yummy.


  1. I cant get enough of Gene and Judes.....then it makes me poop. Never been down to Twisted Spoke for smut and eggs though.......just gave my tank back to Andy tonight, and hopefully get my wheels back next weeks weather looks really fuckin good my friend.

  2. You guys we're talking about having G&Js last weekend - it got me salivating. Then last night I was on my way home from downtown, Piper's Alley, on the Kennedy and I got off at River road. Next thing I know I see the big yellow sign and I hit the hooks and darted into the parking lot for 2 doubles and a tamale!
    Andy is a badass. Honestly, one of *the* coolest guys I know.

  3. You mother fuckers are pissing me off! I want to come home and eat about 6 Fucking Gene and Judes while I try to not Puke from eating too much and shit my drawers. I ate two hot dogs everyday when I worked at O'Hare and lived in my grandma's house in Franklin Park. Hell my Mom and Dad both grew up in River Grove.