Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Rules.....I am cracking down. PLEASE READ!!!!

I want to steer the Violation Tour blog into the right direction. I will delete any post which I think is a waste of space or unrelated to the development of the mission. Which is, to have an unpretentious grass roots event for guys that are into our type of bikes who live in the midwest. Its all about having a good time. We can make fun of each other and bitch to each other outside of this blog. Hang out with us and you will see how it is....we bust each others balls constently

Please contribute in a positive way.

I am gonna put Alex in charge of hump day. He posts some good pics and they are in good taste....just keep it to a minimum. Any other posts of hardcore porn will be automatically deleted

Typical bitching about off topic shit about "this bike sucks," I dont like this guys shirt", will get deleted.

Most of the posts on here are really fuckin good. I like to see step by step shit on what your working on, other peoples bikes, cool shit you see on the road, good food, and good times that your having with your buds on your chops.
Keep it simple and good things will come of this. Bobby the Leg will have administrator privledges as of today. So, he will be keeping an eye on things as well.

Enforcer aka Chris

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