Sunday, March 28, 2010


Chris and I at last years Violation Tour......I mean this years...I mean in the future past huh?

Really it was an accident?..the phone call went something like this.....



Me-''hey,chris it's me your good friend josh,how are you and your cookie diet going?''

Chris-''Hi, josh,good,I can eat all the cookies I want and I'm banging out strippers like I use to in the olden days...''

Me-''Swell,hey I was thinking tonight we should both wear our S.O.A t shirts so,everyone knows we have choppers.''

Chris-''fuck that dude,I don't think you have ever rode five hours on a rigid in your going out t's going to get bugs and stuff on it..I don't want to look like shit in front of our hot dates.''

Me-''Good point,your smart,I should have went to art school instead of beauty school.''

Chris-''so lets agree to not wear our shirts''

Me-''Okay,i'll just wear one of my too tight t shirts and flannels..''


Me-'' word''

And then when I got there we both had our fucking SOA t shirts on.....

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