Friday, March 26, 2010




The Haymarket affair (also known as the Haymarket riot or Haymarket massacre) was a disturbance that took place on Tuesday May 4, 1886, at the Haymarket Square in Chicago, and began as a rally in support of striking workers.

The Haymarket affair is generally considered to have been an important influence on the origin of international May Day observances for workers.The causes of the incident are still controversial, although deeply polarized attitudes separating business and working class people in late 19th century.

  • A type of punch, a wild swing with all the person's might to knock out the opponent. It is most commonly used in street fighting
  • A type of farm machine that treats hay to cause more rapid and even drying

I wanted this bike to mirror the place it was from and the people who built it...Chicago means a lot to me as well as it's history, the Haymarket Riot is self exlpanitory and The Haymaker is my love for Pugilism and the Midwest.....Also,I still need to collect one set of upper right and left central,lateral and cuspids before the bike is completly done and a Haymaker is the method in which I will use to collect.

I couldn't hold it any longer,she's just days away from running but,she tugged at my heart since I saw her and had to unveil her to the Blogging world.....She started out a little goofy but,this 48' pan/shovel is in my eyes,one sexy bitch....

Bobby the leg as well as Jay,Chris,Mailbox,Alex diablo,Kacy and Andy all had a hand in putting this bike together and making her look as pretty as she does.This was Bobby's first time painting a bike and he nailed it.In the middle of winter Chris and I took a 3 hour trip out to Western Illinois to pick up an original wishbone frame that turned out to be a 48' to match the engine.The guy originally told me it was 33 degree rake but Bobby later figured out it was more like 37 degrees.Bobby took over the build about a month ago and she slowly started to look like a bike.I had collected all the parts I had wanted for the build and started to learn a lot of it was shit.I was lucky that the skills of The legs garage and it's cast of characters was going to be able to make it all work...

I found things that I liked and learned that it was obviously was liked by a lot more people as well.Wassell yep,pillion yep,rabbit ears uh huh, and trident sissy bar check, but, The leg later pointed out....""Seabass,it's all about he details,this bike has been built 1000's of times but,it's the details that makes it yours'' That little bit of information stuck with me the whole time.The pictures don't do it justice lots of little shit that the boys spent lots of time on to make her just right.I decided to stick with the wide glide,it has an adjustable front-end that allows you to dial in a side car.Me being the husky boy that I am or as I like to call it,''built like a brick shit house,I thought a narrow front end would make this bike look smaller than it already is.I already look like a pumpkin riding a peanut and didn't want to put more focus on it.

I'll be honest,I got a little choked up when I saw her and finally realized it was mine and how good of friends I really have.I can't wait to blast down an open road with some of my best friends to make it complete...............


  1. Josh-
    Great set of friends to help you out when you couldn't get to the garage. The Haymaker looks AWESOME! Glad you stuck with the purple-can't wait to see it up close and in person to catch all the details. Enjoy staring at her, but as far as blowing your load-wait for the road! Congrats


  3. Dude.....its almost ready to go.....Although, I am gonna punch you in the face the next time you text me a picture of it.

    Better break it in real good next week....Maybe we can get some of the pauiles girls to pose on it....Gotta tell ya....your bike and my bike look real good a pair of gay transvestite midgets goin to a gangrape. Buckle down, get the weekends off.....its time to start the impregnation tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Should be proud of this thing, dood. "She's a beut Clark". Came out great.