Sunday, March 7, 2010

Its looking clean......

Over the weekend I decided to pull the rockers off and throw some paint on em. By now I should learn not to paint when its cold but was looking for something to do so I went for it. With the heater kicked on full blast I spent most of Friday night and Saturday morning in the garage. I think the actually rockers where still too cold when I applied the paint and the finish kinda looks like shit.....but, what can you do. Impatience is a killer when your trying for perfection. With a new set of JIms gaskets I hope when I start this fucker up that it doesnt piss oil all over the place. It feels really good to do my own work. I remember back to a time when I didnt know shit. I think I have come a long way and my bike hasnt seen a shop in 5 years. Repair manuals, online forums, and some smart friends that have "been there, done that" have helped along the way. To me, this is what matters most.....and its not for bragging rights or to be cool. Its a sense of accomplishment. I am a long ways away still from where I want to be mechanically but I am pointing in the right direction. Seems like everyone should just get out on the road, tear it up, and not give a fuck about whats cool. Trends, fads, new bikes, new riders, come and go. Live in the moment, hit the roads with your buddies, and get a couple beers. Its that simple....


  1. That's it man! You fuckin hit it right on the head. I think my situation I was (am) in kinda cleared my head as well. I dont give a fuck no more what anybody thinks. I bought a full face helmet at the Rosemont show, and I'm gonna wear that fucker all summer. I got to much life to live yet.

  2. Ya, dude, its gonna be a good fuckin summer. Theres a motorcycle show at the end of May I was gonna talk to you about.....might be taking the ferry from Milwaukee to Michigan...might be kinda cool. Let me know if you still have that crazy 70's style helmet!!!