Sunday, September 6, 2009

What the fuck happened?????

It never fails,when a group of us get together the stories just keep coming.The rides had been great and the weekend was too much fun.Fridays races went quick due to 2 cases of America's finest beer,Hamm's...The swap meet had a lot of cool shit.Here is my no brainer advice for swap meets,know what it's worth and bring lots of cash. After the races we headed over to the Rusty Nail....sounds queer right? It was the most happening bar in Iowa,we drank way to much,took of are shirts,started sizing up fights and looked for pigs to bring back to camp...Mailbox was a winner..........oink oink...........

We learned the hard way that Hamm's causes us to get rowdy,Mike and I started talken shit to each other and He Swung a beer bottle at my head....ah but,whatever,water under the bridge.

Saturday we headed up north to a music/biker thing and continued the shananaganns.Lots of titts,lots of beer.....Bob bob white was smart and left his mask on for his photos but,i'm guilty of standing to close to pigs.

Mailbox's chain came flying off his bike and,'''Jumped right up and bit him in the buttocks''' spent the rest of the afternoon looking for a masterlink ,thank god for farm and fleet.

We saw some of the sons of anarchy guys..........................Oh,and real bikers charge their cell phones


  1. Man those SOA bro's aren't something to mess with. They break like a wet cigarette. You know they have to work on jaw bones as Maxifacial surgeons the next day.

    Hey pigs makes for great stories at least for me it was when I was in the Army since I liked having a good story on Monday morning.

  2. I've been known to fix a wire or something on someones bike on the road from time to time, for the violation tour back in June I was the road doctor, never did I think that term would become literal when Scotties Chain wipped him in the ass, and I had to stitch his left cheek in my tent and change the dressing every couple of hours. His mom is a nurse and looked at it today, she said I did a good job, so let the Violation Continue boys, when you ride with us not only do you get mechanical services, but we can also perform minor surgical precedures as well.