Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last weekend....

Me, Mailbox, and The Leg went down to "the space" for some good times. We all wanted to come back home around Midnight but the festivities didnt end till my puke filled beard hit the bed around 6am. This place is fuckin rad. So much cool shit goin on and everyone we met was a stand up dude. Hope to make it down sometime soon. This time I am staying away from the whiskey!

Heres some blurry as fucked up, I really need a camera bad.

Me and Mailbox woke up around 11am on Sunday and road up the the Dwight House for some good ol hillbilly lawnmower races. Some dude had one with a sportster motor that was fast, squirrely and loud as shit. Lots of cool shit.....but my still hazy mind was floating in other places with barely enough thought to grab a couple of pictures.
Up above is Big Jays Evo. This thing started off as a stock Heritage softail that got hardtailed. Badass bike and I hope to snap some better pictures off it sometime soon. You can follow some of the build on the Jockey Journal if your good on the search thing.

This bike caught my attention because of the obvious. Nope, thats not the NOS energy drink. Thats the real shit dude. I wonder if he has actually ever used it???

It was so nice on Sunday we decided to do some cruisin around up north for a bit. I got the word that C-bass picked up that sweet Pan/Shovel and went over to his place to check it out. All in all, it was a great fuckin weekend. Theres still some time before it snows so take advantage of it you fuckers!!

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