Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Broke Bitch!!!!

This is all the cash I have until next thursday.All my credit cards are just about all maxed out.The dogs will eat before I do,with their 40 dollar bag of food.Going to need a tank of gas for the truck,45 bucks,pay a bill 40 bucks,those 2 tickets 150,and everybody else that will want their money this month too.......A year or two ago I had enough money to build a bike,get tattooed every month,drink 3 times a week,had a huge house to live in and rent and I blew money on whatever I wanted or needed...............How is it some motherfucker that works at burger king has nice rims,nice clothes,and family to support owns a house and has more money than me?


that last 20 bucks is going towards 3 tanks of gas,i'm burning the fuck out of town......

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