Thursday, September 10, 2009

What ever happened to.....

Being a goddamn American know like any guy in a David Mann painting..Or maybe a better question is when did it become cool or okay to become a fucking sissy. I dated a girl in my 20's who's old man was a retired Marine,served in Vietnam and Desert storm,ran 5 miles every day in jeans and no underwear,built two homes for him and his family to live in with his own hands,drove the same 1964 nova since 64 ,wore his hat parallel to the marching surface and then removed it indoors and kept every award he ever won in a box in the garage.He even made her learn how to change her own oil and fix a flat before she could get her liscense when she was 16 and she knew how to use a compass to get from point A to point B.Needless to say the man made a lasting impression on me,I try to be the least bit close to that as I can but, always fail.

I see guys or kids everyday that just drive me fucking bonkers and usually have super hot hipster girlfriends,i read a saying about hipster chicks,''hipster chicks are like punk chicks but with better hygiene and manners but, shittier music." it's so true,let me be the first to tell you punk or punkish,hardcore,psychobilly chicks fucking stink and are filthy whores.I'd imagne like most chicks once these hipster girls turn 30 and want money and a nice house to live in,security etc....the guy's that can fit into their girlfriends jeans and drive their girlfriends car around will fall to the wayside but, shit....does anybody know how to plug a flat or change oil?I don't know how to work witha computer too well or upload shit and that but,I know how to survive on the street.

If I have a kid and that said kid turns out to be anything but a drunk,fighter,mechanic,marine,hunter,gatherer,provider I will kick the living shit out of him on a daily basis...........oh and this chick is super hot.


  1. Hank Hill, Strickland Propane.

  2. nice rant. this shit pisses me off on a daily basis.

  3. Dr Chopper prescribes you harden the fuck up!