Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The way it was.......

Step out of line and you get your ass kicked.....it's that simple....Fear,keeps people in line.If people knew that they'd get their ass whooped if the acted up things would be a lot different in this country.

I heard a story last week about how my friends bassist got mugged walking out of band practice at 2:00 in the afternoon by three brothers.All 3 punched the guy took his phone wallet and bag.If the fear of getting shot was in the back of their heads or ultimately biting a curb, it never would of happened.Arizona,Texas as well as other states, allow law abiding citizens to carry concealed guns and in those states,the type of crimes that happen in Chicago don't happen as much in those states

Our Mayor,Mayor Daley doesn't allow guns within Chicago and the state of Illinois wants tougher gun laws.If i'm not mistaken,criminals who commit crimes are those by definition that break the law.Why would you create laws that criminals would break and would make it harder for those who follow law to defend themselves.......mook fuck.........If I ever get arrested,shut down this blog for defense purposes....

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  1. AMEN BROTHER,A FUCKIN MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GIVE NONE...TAKE NONE!