Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good things

So I was disassembling the old crusty springer I'm gonna run on the bike I'm building,cursing myself for needing to use this particular front end"Between myself and fellow club members we have quite a few useable as they sit vintage narrow springers to choose from",Cuz this fucker is beat man.I mean,I'm pretty sure it went through a fire or somthin,but alas, the bike and my heart are tellin me this is the one so fuck it.Well,the old rusty cunt had a few suprises for me.Suprise one,everything came apart without breaking,bending,or stripping any threads r heads!Anyone used to fuckin with old shit knows this can be rare even with a gas wrench.Suprise two,needle bearings in the rockers!"I've seen em come apart and have no bushings or bearings at all".Suprise three,which is the one I'm really stoked about is the rockers.I disassembled to blast all the old shit offa everything to prep for chrome or powder coat but the surface crud on the rockers was strange,not anything I was familiar with.We've been polishing alot of aluminum around the shop recently,so I decide to throw it on the wheel and a few hours later I got this.Them fuckers are stainless,so are the pike nuts.Not perfect,but good enough for the girls I go out with.The pics are wack,in the sunlight them fuckers are bedazzling,and the shiny didn't cost me a dime which is way cheaper than gettin em re chromed.It was a good day!

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