Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Lone Highway

A few weeks back I drove out to greeley colorado to meet a guy at a swap meet and pick up a basket case 66 xlch.A basket case cuz the left side case is blowed up pretty good,but she's got a clear title and thats what matters to me.I left after work that friday and drove through the night,blazing across Iowa,Nebraska and finally into colorado.The wee hours of the morning delivered almost zero visibility fog and some mighty stressful driving.As dawn broke and the fog lifted these are the highways and the scrub lands that greeted my weary eyes. I turned the music up and lit another funny little strange smelling cigarette.The swap was rad ,and I got to root through all the good stuff while the vendors were still settin up.Bought some rad shit at great prices and met some nice people tooAfter a couple hours I loaded up all my new,old busted shit and hauled ass back across the country.Made it back sunday mornin around 1 am,which ain't bad for madison to greeley and back almost nonstop.Started seein shit that wasn't there towards the end ,from all the funny smoke or just plain sleep deprivation I don't know but it was fun.You can never go wrong driving west,the only regrettable thing is having to turn back so soon

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