Monday, December 14, 2009

Violation Tour 2010

I cant wait to get through the holidays, the new years, and start planning Violation Tour 2010. The venue will be the same since we really cant pass up free camping, free showers, the quaint town of Savanna, IL and the rolling countryside hills. Tentative plans will include a pre-party in Savanna on the night of Friday June 25th and a scenic ride on Saturday June 26th and of course more partying on Sat night. Same rules will apply as last years. Specifics will of course be posted in spring. I will be gettin stickers done soon as well as sorting out the shirts. I will make sure to have more boy sizes made for you tiny fuckers. Also, we may be gettin a couple spots at the 26th annual Chicago Motorcycle show and parts expo on Feb 6th if we can get our shit keep an eye out.

Vanity smurf aint got shit on me. Heres a beautiful picture of myself. enjoy

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