Friday, December 18, 2009

All roads lead to home

I was going through my little road bag the other night "the one thats made mostly of ducktape and dirt these days" and I pull out this little greasy square of paper.I chucked it in the trash and walked away.Mid stride three steps later for no real reason I turn and pull the little greasy square from the trash unfold it,and this is what it was.I gotta tell ya guy's,I got a little misty.I miss summer so bad I feel it like an actual physical pain,I need to be screaming across blacktop under the soft glow of sodium streetlight's.Slicing through the hot humid night air hearing the grinding sound and soft push up as my pedal folds when I lay that fucker right into my favorite curve.Sometimes living this far norhth makes me feel like I'm a dead guy walking around just going through the motions.Fuck my projects I wanna have some goddamn fun.I'm gonna get fuckin shitfaced tonight and scream about absurd things that make little sense.I advise you to do the same."I'm going back to fallin outta chairs...and pukin on lampost's"