Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who would have thought.......

that our very own Josh Sebastian follows a motorcycle blog thats not about choppers!?!
Holy Fuck.

Jeff from Church of Choppers said it the best on his blog. "If you only think about Choppers, your gone,gone,gone"

This guy road tripped 14,000 miles on a Nighthawk 750, age 21, by himself....Pretty inspiring...... I was knee deep in Tootsie Rootsie and Booze when I was 21...Pretty good read if you got some time. I could imagine myself doing something like this within my lifetime. Who knows if it will be on a Chopper, My Buell, or a future lazy boy.

Check it:


  1. OT, what happened to the Would You Weekend?!?! that was a favorite of mine!

  2. Got to be to much OT stuff on the blog. If I moderate all the other OT stuff.....Everything's go to go to be fair. I let some things slide every now and then. But, peoples girlfriends,wives,boss's follow the blog. Nothing personnel, just have to set the rules otherwise it will just get outa control.