Monday, January 3, 2011

Morrison Il.

Bobby and I got on the road pretty early to head out to Davenport this year.We're both pretty early risers so we figured,lets head out about 6am and get there when the swap opens,ain't that far and should get there before 10am.Well,we left at 6am but sure as shit didn't get to Iowa till 1pm and all that did was give me more time to kill a case of Hamms before the races.

About an hour into are trip well saw a guy on a Pan with his kid in a side car that was in need of help,he declined and we got on our way......not much farther after blasting down the interstate,my buddy says,''You got one bolt holding your trans in!''

Had I been riding with anyone else they wouldn't have noticed that shit and the result would have been a sonofabitch.We pulled over and a nice officer stopped to make sure our I.d's had looked good and then directed us to the town of Morrison Il. for a hardware store.

A guy named Hammy was more then willing to offer us some of his Busch light at 10am and lend a hand at his motorcycle shop but,who needs hammy when you got a leg.....Karma

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