Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Made some spacers.........

Thanks to Bobby for letting me use the lathe....I gots me sum spacers! Yee Haw. Got some axle adjusters from Fab Kevin which worked out pretty good. Have to put a crown nut and cotter pin on the end of the axle but I'll do that later. My transmission case was rubbing on the tranny plate and not making a flush fit so I had to do some redneck engineering to make it fit for mock up. I will most likely take off the extra metal on the bottom of the transmission and buy a new tranny plate....the one that was in there was a cheap one anyways and I was thinking about upgrading to the more expensive and better designed version. Anyways, its just a little bit further along day by day and I should be ready to mock up my fender,brackets,sissy bar and all the other shit.


  1. very nice! you gotta shorten that axle though, IMHO. That spacer just looks outta place.