Thursday, January 6, 2011

I like my legs clean shavin'

Progress has been slow this past week. Still waiting on parts, got a new dog that I gotta train etc etc. Hope to make my rear wheel spacers and motor mount spacer this weekend. Then its off to Bobby Marones for some welding. Cant wait till the first kick and a warm day arrives when I am cruising this bitch down the highway. Shaved the legs some weeks back and sent them off to the Vatos in town for some polishing. Looking forward to having a clean simple basic no thrills chop. Goin all black and chrome. Doing some chrome on the motor as well. Bring on Summer already!


  1. Sweet! Looks killer Man! What did you do with your old seat? I'm seat-less at the moment.

  2. Hey Juan Carlos! Hows Ohio been? You and Joel should try to make it out for Torquefest or Dice at Kung Foo Tap and Taco! Sounds like Me,Josh and our buddy Scott are gonna try to make a go of both events. Same go's for you Bob Bob White!

    Bob,I gave the seat to the dude who purchased the frame and wheels. What type are you looking for? Just a plain solo??

  3. Same ol Ohio. Torquefest has came up more than once. We want to get that way for sure