Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dice Party, Kung Foo Tap and Taco

Trying to find a place to stay for the Dice/Kung Foo Tap party. Camping is fun and cheap but my balls are gonna need a good warshin and my body will appreciate a bed, especially after all the abuse and booze that is bound to happen during the weekend. The first option for our stay is the Cozy Rest Motel. A Nice 2 story with a view of the parking lot to keep an eye on the bikes and the late night River Rats.
Second choice is the Hawkeye Motel. looks like a place where you would find a nice Glory Hole.

This last one is called Casa Bella. Looks like the perfect place for the Violation Crew to host its Casting Couch Afterhours Party. They rent PER HOUR!!! and it sounds like the perfect dump to call home for 2 nights. I wonder if they have vibrating beds???

Fuckin A


  1. Hey Dude, you planning on goin to Dice? I'll give ya the hotel info on where i'm staying if your planning on going. Waiting to hear back from John since his friend went to school out there and knows the area. Hope all is well stranger.

  2. haha,listen to chris,he's all,''hope all is well starnger'' like he's all perfect and shit,like he's never stuck his balls on a window screen or shit on someones lawn....

  3. Im fuckin high class now Motherfuckers!