Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Plumbing is the Devils work

Had a somewhat major plumbing problem at la casa. I find myself to be comfortable with just about all aspects of construction and labor...except plumbing. I fucking hate plumbing. After the plumber left la casa yesterday, the temp hit almost 80. Couldn't resist. Shot out to Sycamore and South to Morris on some unfamiliar back-roads. I think I feel like alot of mid-westerners when I get the bike out for a long ride in late Oct. with just a hoodie on. This is it. Last good ride. From here on out it will be layers upon layers upon layers with frozen fingers and frostbitten toes - just to get yer 'fix'.

Stopped at a little hot dog stand on 47 and 64 called Pete's. Been there a few times, they've been there a long time. Food is good and cheap. Old timer behind the counter is a riot too. Definitely worth a stop.

Oh, and with all this talk of 'bad economy'...make sure you account for some 'known' country gas stations/stops being closed now. Can make things interesting when you roll up to top off and there are cement barriers at each entrance spray painted with orange paint that say 'Closed'.

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