Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Down......

I couldn't have asked for a better running bike this season,the ''Chica Chaser'' ran strong as shit but, come October she'd had enough. It started back in May with a base gasket that loved to piss oil, then the 1000+ with R4YL on damn near no oil caused the slow decline towards needing a new top end.The last few weeks have had lots of "BLUE'' smoke puffin from my rear and a new oil pump is going to be needed as well....I put her down 3 times this summer and she still looked like the sleazy and greazy mess she is and ran the way she always had.

Listening to Bobby's and his dads endless knowledge this summer has taught me a lot but,also taught me that I don't know shit about my 63 year old motorcycle...I'm eager to get her apart and learn her pink parts inside and out.....

With the cold months closing in,any day that I can ride I feel guilty not doing so...Since the C.C. is down I'll have to resort to my ol' mans 2000 Heritage.....I'm grateful that today The leg let me take his fathers FLH...I like this bike,it's a good bike,it's crazy having a front break and I would gladly trade a kidney for it....what's wrong with this photo?


  1. There is nothing wrong with the picture, only turned around,I like it!

  2. Oops-they slapped the motor in the chain runnin' the front wheel instead of the back?! Shady
    Hope you guys are well