Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Le toilet......

The last couple Fridays have been beer drinkin' nights in the Leg's garage.When we recount the evenings conversations and amount of beers we can drink,we find that the sauce has been going down real easy latley,Vaginas are like fingerprints and Chris is a talented caricature artist....


  1. Fuck. I gotta get back in the loop. I miss that garage.

  2. Fuck! I miss my beard... my face is so very cold. OK, I fucked up trimming down the talibeard it so I went back to the goatee for the time being for a job interview.

  3. I hear ya, Beaner. I'm normally on and have been on a 'new construction' job site for the last year, so the beard could be as crazy as I wanted. The construction season is *slowing* in Chicago and I had an opportunity to work, but in a high end/fancy office and then a school. Goatee is now my choice too. ;)~ I can't cover all the tattoos, but long sleeves and a goatee definitely change things in certain environments.