Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last Weekend

It was damn near 80 degrees in Chicago last weekend. Too bad I wasted a Saturday working for free....long story. Anyways, Jazi texted me before the weekend to say he was gonna be in the Rockford/Byron area camping. We decided to meet up on Sunday in Dixon to get caught up. I havent seen Jazi since the first Violation Tour and it was definetly good to see him and his scoot are still living the good life. We stopped at Shamrock Pub and had some beers, a burger, shot the shit and then parted ways. It was good to see ya Jazi!!!! You crazy fuck. Hopefully next summer will bring all of us together again for some camping, drinking, and some Mississippi River Rat hunting.....Stay Free.


  1. it was good to see jew too mang. we do it again real soon

  2. Sounds good. Let me know if you want to get back on the blog and we'll sign ya back up! Hit me up when your near Chi-town