Sunday, May 2, 2010

T.F. 2010

Wudda blast!! Shoulda took more pix, but was having a great time instead. This was a prime opportunity to head out and see the rolling hills of America - really God's country, a sweet lil road trip. I left without any real plans (except for the T.F.) and the weekend was just what I hoped for. Left Sat. morn and took "the long way" - a leisurely, beautiful drive out 64 to Iowa then grabbed 52 along the Mississippi N. to 20 then W. again out to Farley. The Midwest is beautiful and the weather was perfect. Got there a little late, but what an awesome show. Family, friends, hot rods, choppers, had everything. Hung out and saw the cars and bikes, saw the dirt track racing, listened to some bands and then headed out. Decided to try and find a place to crash in Dubuque. Had some great wood-fire pizza and slept like a baby. Today - woke up, shot across the state line and hit Galena on the way back. This time took a nice leisurely ride back E. on route 20. Weather still held up, got to see some amazing sites. Torque Fest 2011....I'm in.

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