Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last weekend...Perfect

The road was a calling my name. The Chop was running in top form and the weather was clear. Bobby and kacey left in the early A.M. Driving his Dads Gasser "All Shook Up". I opted to sleep off my B-day hangover and leave late in the morning. I left the Chicagoland area around 10 a.m. Stopped in Oregon, IL for gas and then again at Poopys in Savanna, IL for a beer and another gas stop. I took 64 all the way to 84 north into Galena, then West on Route 20 into Iowa and ended at the Torque Fest in Farley. I arrived around 3pm. Its nice sometimes to be able to just burn into the farmlands by yourself. It went by pretty fast. The show was cool. Some cool show bikes, old friends & new. We were staying at Bobbys friend Kurts back in Galena so we decided to had back around dust, drop of the cars/bikes and get some dinner in town. Kurt is a charecter, gearhead, artist, entertainer...dont really know how to describe him. You just have to meet him. Totally a nice guy. After barely making it through the woods on al old rutted dirt road we finally arrived at his homestead. 100 acres in the middle of nowhere. My dream. His Cabin was a cross between Evil Dead and House of a Thousand Corpses. Old as fuck and haunted. A couple years ago Kurts Cabin made the news after a manhunt insued near Galena. A dude stabbed his 8 year old kid and went on the run. Apparently he was at Kurts before and new it was secluded. He decided to pull his car onto the property and proceded to hang himself in one of Kurts barns. Its a pretty fucked up story. I guess it made news all the way back to Chicago and the surrounding just adds to the stories of that place. The night finished off with some off-roading Geo Trackers, a broken nose (not mine), and a nice big ol bonfire. I slept on a nice old comfy haunted futon which was nice compared to the ground to which I am use to. Sunday, was another good day. Perfect roads & nice weather. I got back and fired up the grill, threw on some Scott H Biram, some Usingers Sausages simmering on the grill, called the friends over, and drank some Budweiser. All in all, this is what summer weekends are suppose to be like. I hope theres more just like this one.


  1. im a big baby and almost slep outside beucase I was so afraid of the house, ow yeah and im fat

  2. Yer killin' me smalls!!